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i'm joe, I'm 22, I attend Morehouse college and i love life, pizza, otters soccer and life in general. everything here are things that are happening in my life or things that spark my interest. follow me or hit my ask box.

Twitter: @cocojoe10
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  • dailyseinfeld:

    GEORGE: I don’t care.
    JERRY: You’re kidding.
    GEORGE: No, I don’t care.
    JERRY: You mean that?
    GEORGE: Absolutely.
    JERRY: You don’t care?
    GEORGE: No.
    JERRY: How could you not care?
    GEORGE: I don’t know. But I don’t. I’m actually almost happy to hear it.
    JERRY: I thought you’d be upset.
    GEORGE: I guess I should be but I’m not.
    JERRY: Am I a bad person? Did I do something terrible?
    GEORGE: No, you’re a fine person. You’re a humanitarian. She’s very sexy.

    (via The Ex-Girlfriend)

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